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White Musk Mist

White musk mist

معطر الجسم بالمسك الابيض

. يحتوي على مسك الطهارة
. أمن علي المناطق الحساسه
. خالي من الكحول
. ثابت لاكتر من ٢٤ ساعه
150 مل


White musk mist

“Experience the enchanting allure of White Musk Mist – the perfect companion for a touch of luxury and sensuality. Infused with the purity of Eltahara Musk, this exquisite mist delicately embraces your skin, leaving behind a captivating fragrance that lingers for 24 hours. Crafted with care, White Musk Mist is gentle even on sensitive areas, making it a choice you can trust. Our alcohol-free formula ensures a comfortable application that won’t irritate your skin. Elevate your daily routine with the elegance of White Musk Mist – an enchanting blend of beauty and sophistication. Available in a generous 150 ML size.”

. Contains eltahara musk
. Safe on sensitive areas
. Alcohol free
. 24 HR long lasting
150 ML


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