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بوركيني Snack (Top+Pants)


بوركيني Snack

Swim-top: fitted bodysuit
Swim leggings: ankle length swim leggings with an elasticated mid waist fit

quick drying, chlorine resistant, high quality swimwear fabric. With UPF 50+ protection against UV rays


رمز المنتج: غير محدد التصنيف: الوسوم: , ,

Hand wash

يفضل الغسيل اليدوي
– تركه فالمسحوق وغسله وتعليقه حتي يجف.
– يفضل عدم عصره للحفاظ عليه أطول فترة ممكنة.


بوركيني Snack

بوركيني جلد الثعبان( توب + بنطلون)

الخامة : ووتر برووف% 100
مقاس الموديل : ميديم
طول الموديل : 170

مطبوع جلد الثعبان مع اللون الاسود

Introducing our premium swimwear collection featuring the perfect blend of style and functionality! Dive into the water with confidence and comfort wearing our quick-drying and chlorine-resistant swimwear, crafted from high-quality fabric that ensures durability and long-lasting wear.

Whether you’re catching waves, lounging by the pool, or enjoying a beachside adventure, our swimwear is designed to keep up with your active lifestyle. The fabric’s innovative quick-drying technology ensures that you stay comfortable even after a dip, allowing you to move effortlessly from water to land.

But that’s not all – we know how important sun protection is, and that’s why our swimwear comes with UPF 50+ protection. Shield yourself from harmful UV rays while still enjoying your time under the sun.

And for our fashion-forward swimmers who love to make a statement, our swimwear comes in a variety of stylish designs that cater to different tastes and preferences.

Are you ready to make a splash this summer? Elevate your swimwear game with our high-quality, quick-drying, chlorine-resistant fabric that offers UPF 50+ protection. Experience comfort, style, and sun safety all in one. It’s time to embrace the water with confidence!




3XL, 4XL, M, L, XL, XXL

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